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1Chatroom Empty Chatroom on Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:13 pm


Hey Guys,

The Chatroom has been made. Here's the link

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Now, all the admins should make a xat account so that you can keep your owner positions even if you delete your cache.

Now, heres what we need to do before opening up the chatroom for everyone else.
1. All the admins make a xat account,
2. Come to the chatroom whenever you're online
3. I'll add you as a member and make you owners

Most of the time, Maxlance is online the same time as I am, so even if I manage to get one other admin as owner, he can still make you mods whenever you guys come on and I'll owner you whenever I can.

I'll make the chatroom rules soon and we also need a nice background for the chatbox. I can make a basic metallic text saying "Art Arena" for now until someone makes a better one.

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